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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions may be answered here! 


How do I book a service?

​E-mail me at or give me a call at (619) 254-7810 to book a free in home consultation and to set up your pet's service appointments.


What can I expect at the in home consultation?


Susy's Pet Care staff will go to your home and meet with you and your pet/s.  We will go over the contract paperwork that we will have e-mailed to you before the in home consultation.  You will show us were you keep your pet's leash, food, medicine, litter, and toys.  At that time you will provide us with a key/s and full payment for the service/s booked.  You can pay with cash, check, or pre-pay at Paypal. ​


How do I know my info and keys are safe? 

All customer information is password protected, customer keys are kept in a locked safe, and all customer keys are randamly coded for your security.


Will I get a refund if I cancel my pet's service?

We have a 24 hour cancelation policy.  As long as you cancel at least 24 hours before your pet's appointment you will receive a full refund. 


How do the dog walking packages work?

Depending on your dog's exercise and socialization needs you might need to have him/her walked once a week of more.  The packages we have created maximize your pet's happiness while minimizing the cost.  We will set up a dog walking schedule that returning customers can pre-pay for the following month.  This will create an un-interupted walking service for your pet. 


How can I book a grooming session?


Call Susy's Pet Care at (619) 254-7810 and I can provide an estimate based on breed, size, and condition of your dog or cat.  We can then make an appointment.


How does a grooming appointment work?



To be able to provide a spaw experience at an affordable price I groom from my home.  You will come to my home and I will do an overview of your pet, discussing the grooming options.  We will confirm the price for the spaw groom and you will pay before the service.  You will leave your pet and I will call you when he/she is ready to go home.


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